5 HVAC Tips for Winter

During summer, many people think about taking long shirtless rides and walking topless on the beach. Unfortunately, few think about the upcoming winter season, so they don’t prepare for it, and they are constantly caught unaware. You don’t want to be one of these irresponsible homeowners, do you?

To help you out, here are valuable HVAC tips for winter that will help you prepare for the season so your appliance is ready and functions optimally throughout the heating season:

Hire a tune-up technician

To ensure that your appliance is in top shape before the heating season begins, hire HVAC repair services providers to inspect the appliance and ensure all parts of the unit are in good condition.

The last thing you want is your heating unit grinding to a halt in the middle of a cold winter, and you are forced to hire an expensive emergency service provider.

As the season begins, get in touch with an experienced professional and have them take a look at your unit. They should inspect all parts of the appliance and fix them if there is a problem, even the smallest one.

There are plenty of contractors you will come across, but this doesn’t mean they are equally good. You need to take your time to research and find the right one.

Replace a problematic appliance

Was your heating appliance bothering you in the last season with frequent breakdowns and inefficiency? Don’t go through the same ordeal this season. If you have the budget, replace the appliance.

When getting a new appliance, pay attention to the energy star rating. As a rule of thumb, go for a unit with a high-energy rating as it will save you a lot of money in the long run as it tends to function more efficiently.

When buying a new appliance, pay attention to the size of your house and heating needs. If not sure about the right appliance to go for, get the input of a professional.

Change the air filter and clean the vents.

Many homeowners have the impression that since they haven’t been using their heating appliances, they don’t need to clean the air filters. This is wrong.

Even if your heating appliance has been dormant, dirt and debris have been finding their way in, and the last thing you should do is run an appliance with dirty filters as it will function too inefficiently. The dirty air will also get into the house, making it uncomfortable.

Before you start your unit, check the air filters, and if dirty, clean them. You can even opt to replace them if too dirty or worn out.

While at it, check the vents. Are they dirty? If they are, clean them. You also should confirm that furniture and other units aren’t blocking them.

Insulate the attic

If your attic isn’t insulated, this might be the reason why you have been spending a lot of money heating your house. To save some money, insulate the attic. When you do the insulation, you keep as much warm air in the house as possible, so your appliance doesn’t work too hard.

If you have the skills, you can do the insulation but for the best outcome, let it be done by an experienced professional. For the best result, ensure that the insulation is high enough to obstruct the view of the floor joists.

Fix a broken appliance

Did your heating appliance break the last season, or it had incessant problems? This is the time to fix it. You can fix it by yourself if you are a dab hand at DIY projects but for peace of mind, let it be fixed by professional HVAC companies Chantilly.

Like when finding a professional to replace your unit or insulate your attic, take your time and interview a few contractors before settling on one.

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