Can A Leak In An Air Conditioner Be Fixed?

Imagine this. You have had your air conditioner for over a decade with no major issues, then out of nowhere, you notice liquid drops at the bottom of the AC. Can a leak in an air conditioner be fixed? You wonder.

Yes, you can fix a leaky air conditioner by yourself or by hiring an air conditioner repair services where the mode of fixing depends on the leakage source. To help you out, here are ways to fix a leaking air conditioner:

Fixing a water leak

As the cold refrigerant runs through the evaporator coil of your system, it pulls along with it warm indoor air over the top of the coil. During the process, moisture in the air condenses and drips off the coil into a pan. If you have a central air conditioning system, there is a lot of this condensation, so there is water consistently dripping into the pan, then the system directs the water outside.

Sometimes you will find the water dripping from the system and into your house, often due to problems with a plugged drain line. If you are using a condensate pump system, the leak could be due to a problem with the pump causing the water to back up. Sometimes, you might simply be having a problem with the pan itself.

Depending on your skill level, find the reason for the water leakage and fix it. If you aren’t experienced in air conditioning repairs, let an expert handle it.

Fixing a Freon leak

Although they aren’t common, Freon leaks tend to be serious and can significantly affect your family’s health. Due to this, you should move with haste when you suspect you might be having a Freon leak. Signs of a Freon leak include:

Inadequate cooling: If your house isn’t getting as cool as it used to, you might be having a Freon leak. A tell-tale sign you are having a cooling problem is having to turn down the thermostat more than once.

Complete lack of cool air: If the leak is severe, the AC might have leaked all of the refrigerant supply, so you have nothing to cool the air. And with no cool air, there is nothing for the AC fans to blow into the house.

Frozen coils: As the refrigerant leaks throughout the AC unit, it will freeze the evaporator coils. As a result, the condensation normally runs off the coils and into the drain pan.

Hissing sound: If you have a leaking indoor air conditioner, you will hear hissing sounds coming from the gas escaping the tight spaces of your unit. The sound can be hissing or whining.

As mentioned above, a Freon leak is serious, and you should address it before it affects your family’s health. When you don’t fix the leak, there is the risk of your family suffering from refrigerant poisoning, which bears the following symptoms: vomiting, coughing, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and many others.

What can cause the Freon to leak?

The Freon can leak from your AC due to plenty of reasons, with the common ones being:

Improper installation: If your AC is improperly installed, it’s bound to leak Freon. For example, if the contractor didn’t properly seal the AC, Freon is bound to escape through the improperly sealed areas.

Your unit will also leak Freon if there is any physical damage. For example, if the AC is hit with a hard object.

Formaldehyde corrosion: Here, formaldehyde creates small holes in your ACs metal, and Freon leaks out.

When it comes to fixing the leak, don’t attempt to fix it by yourself. Instead, hire an air conditioning repair services Chantilly to help you out.

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