Can You Service AC Yourself?

To keep your air conditioner functioning optimally, you need to service it at least once a year. For the best outcome and to maintain the warranty, it’s recommended you have the unit serviced by a professional air conditioning repair services provider, but what if you don’t have money to hire a professional?

Can you service AC yourself? Yes, you can definitely do it. To help you out, here is what you should do to keep your unit in top shape:

Begin with switching off the power

You don’t want to get electrocuted as you are working on the air conditioner, do you? To ensure that doesn’t happen, switch off the main electric current to the air conditioner.

Service the air filters

While they appear useless, air filters are the lifeblood of the air conditioner, and when they aren’t functioning properly, they are bound to drive your AC to an early grave.

Dirty air filters also cause or exuberate allergies as when they go for a long time without service, fungi and bacteria grow on them, and when you inhale the stale air, you are bound to suffer from allergies.

You can service air filters in two ways: cleaning and replacing them.

If you inspect the filters and find out they aren’t too dirty or are still in good shape, cleaning them will restore them to proper working conditions.

To clean the filters, remove the casing encompassing the air filter, then remove the filter and clean it with a cloth. You can also clean the filter with non-abrasive soap and water.

When keeping the air filter in top shape, you shouldn’t wait for a year to service it. Clean it at least once every two weeks.

To prevent mold and bacteria from growing on the filters, ensure that the filter is completely dry before reattaching it to the air conditioner.

If you find the air filter too dirty or worn out on inspection, don’t clean it as you won’t be helping the situation. Instead, replace the air filter with a new one.

When doing the replacement, go for a filter with a higher rating as it will provide a better service and last for a long time.

Clean the condenser fan and oil the fan motor

If it has been long since you cleaned the air conditioner, the condenser fan is most likely caked with dust, and it’s making the air conditioner work harder than it should.

To clean the condenser fan, remove the cover grill and detach the setscrew holding the fan in place. Using a brush, remove all the dust on the condenser fan.

Once you are done, remove the fan to gain access to the oil parts and lubricate the fan motor with the manufacturer’s recommended oil.

Clean the condenser coils and fins

To clean the condenser coils, you need a garden hose. Begin with removing the coil guard before spraying the inside unit with water.

If the fins are bent, straighten them with a fin comb.

Service the ducts

The ducts have a significant impact on the functioning of the air conditioner. When they are dirty, the air doesn’t circulate as well as it should, and this causes the air conditioner to function inefficiently hence you have a high energy bill at the end of the month.

To keep your AC in top working shape, you need to clean the air ducts and get rid of any dust accumulated there. AC repair services Fairfax providers recommend you clean the AC using a vacuum cleaner.

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