How Do You Fix A Weak Air Conditioner?

Is your once highly efficient and optimally functioning air conditioner functioning weakly, and wondering how do you fix a weak air conditioner? According to air conditioning repair services providers, there are plenty of ways to do it. Some of these ways include:

Clean and replace the air filters.

Although, air filters look simple and of little importance to the functioning of the air conditioner, they are vital, and if they are dirty or worn out, they will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner, and it will be weak.

If you are new to air conditioners, you should know that air conditioner filters serve a vital role in sieving the air getting in and out of the air conditioner and house. Due to their location and work, the air filters will accumulate a lot of dirt, and if you don’t clean them early enough, they prevent enough air from getting into the air conditioner and consequently, you have a weak AC.

To fix this problem, you need to ask yourself when is the last time you showed some love to the air filters. If it has been long, it’s time to get to them and clean them. The air filters are easy to clean without any funfair as all you need to do is blow them with air, and the dust and debris will fly out.

If the air filter is too dirty or worn out, don’t bother with the cleaning and instead replace it with a new one. You shouldn’t concern yourself too much with the air filter’s rating, but you should ensure that the filters you buy a high end.

To prevent your AC from getting weak in the future, ensure that you keep the air filter clean all the time. You can do this by cleaning it every three months.

Unfreeze the evaporator coil

For the air conditioner to cool the air inside your house, it passes the air over cold evaporator coils. While these coils are cold, they aren’t frozen, and when they freeze, they block the air from passing over the coils and into the duct system, leading to reduced airflow and consequently a weak air conditioner.

The evaporator coils will freeze due to plenty of reasons such as: refrigerant leak, dirty air filter, dirt on the coils, and blocked return vent.

To fix this problem, you should check the evaporator coils, beginning from the air handler. This is the area located in the attic, closet or basement.

If ice is forming on the lines or the coils have completely frozen over, turn the thermostat fan to “ON” to help the refrigerant lines thaw.

While at it, check and change the air filters if necessary. If you do this and the coils are still frozen over, get in touch with an expert and ask them to inspect the system for refrigerant leaks. If you have a leak, the professionals will find it, fix it and recharge the system.

Unblock the air ducts

The air ducts deliver cool air throughout your house, so if there are leaks, blockages or holes in the system, you are bound to experience a decrease in the amount of air coming from the vents and an overall weak air conditioning system.

Avoid touching the ductwork by yourself, as you will most likely cause more problems than are there. The best way to go about it is to have experienced and certified AC repair services Chantilly inspect your ductwork and find out if there are any materials in the ducts blocking the airflow.

The professionals will also inspect the ductwork for leaks and seal any problematic areas to restore the airflow.

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