How Often Should You Service Your Furnace?

When you bought a furnace, the seller must have told you that you should service the appliance to keep it in top shape. While this is the case, the big question is, how often should you service your furnace?

Most HVAC repair services agree that you should service your unit at least once a year. Unfortunately, some people delay servicing it until it’s too late.

The same way a small cavity becomes a bigger problem when you don’t visit a dentist within the recommended time is the same way a minor HVAC problem worsens when you don’t identify and get rid of it early enough.

To be on the safe side, service your unit once a year.

What is involved in a furnace service?

Plenty of things go on. They include:

  • Inspection of the vent system for blockage and/or leakage. The technician inspects all the areas of the vent including the outside termination and connections at and internal to the furnace.
  • Analysis and comparison of the combustion gases to the unit specifications.
  • Inspection of the burners for proper burner flame, ignition and flame sense
  • Inspection of the heat exchanger for rust and corrosion
  • Inspection of the blower access door to ensure that it makes a tight seal at the furnace.
  • Inspection of the drainage system for blockages and/or leaks. The furnace service professional inspects all areas including the hoses internal to the furnace. The technician also cleans the condensate drain and trap and replaces the water in the trap.
  • Inspection of the blower wheel for debris and cleaned if necessary. The technician has to completely remove the blower wheel.
  • Checking of the wiring for corrosion and damage
  • Inspection of the filters and cleaning or replacing them if necessary.
  • Testing of the blower motor and comparing the results with what is listed.

Can you do the servicing by yourself?

If you are a dab hand at DIY projects you can definitely do the servicing but if you have never done it before, let the work be done by an expert that knows what they are doing.

A great way to tell a service company knows what they are doing is by asking them what will be included in the furnace service. If they give a vague list different from the one above, stay away from them.

How to have an easy time servicing your furnace

No one wants to have a hard time servicing their furnace, is there? To have an easy time, you need to do a number of things that include:

Fix even the minor problems

Before the year ends, your furnace will most likely develop a problem here and there. For example, the furnace might start making weird noises.

Most homeowners ignore the noises, which often lead to more problems than were originally there. To have an easy time servicing the unit when service time comes, make note of even the smallest problems and fix them before they worsen.

Whenever you notice the furnace not working as usual, immediately get in touch with experts and ask them to come and look at the unit.

Work with experts

The same way you can’t have a good experience with inexperienced mechanics is the same way you can’t have a good experience with inexperienced furnace repair services Vienna providers.

When you are finding a technician to repair your unit or service it, take caution and always ensure that you hire the most experienced.

As mentioned above, ask the contractor how they will service your unit. If they say that they will clean and service it, try and dig deeper as to how they will do it. If they seem clueless, don’t work with them.

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