Is It Cheaper To Leave Air Conditioner On All Day?

If you are asking, is it cheaper to leave the air conditioner on all day? You most likely spend most of the day outside the house, and you are wondering whether you are wasting energy doing so, right? Well, while it might seem wasteful to have the AC working the entire day while you aren’t in the house, it’s actually cheaper.

So, yes, it’s cheaper having the AC running the entire day while you aren’t there. According to air conditioning repair services, the reason for this is because the AC doesn’t consume a lot of energy as it’s running at an almost constant temperature.

Turn the thermostat up when leaving the house.

Instead of turning the AC completely off, you should turn the thermostat up so that the AC functions at a higher temperature and doesn’t work hard to keep the temperature down.

At no time should you turn the AC completely off as this leads to the AC consuming a lot of energy coming back to life, turning the AC off also increases the humidity levels in the house. When you leave your house moist for long hours, you attract insect infestations and provide a breeding ground for mold.

When leaving the house, raise the thermostat setting 7-10 degrees for an optimally functioning AC. These temperatures maintain healthy humidity levels and keep your house comfy, so you come back to a comfortable and healthy-smelling house.

To have an easy time setting your desired temperature, invest in a programmable thermostat. These thermostats automatically adjust the AC temperatures based on your schedule.

As you can tell, this frees you from having to remember your daily temperature and setting it.

What other cooling tips can you use to your advantage?

Besides having your AC on at all times, there are plenty of other house cooling tips you can use to keep the house cool and still save some money. These tips include:

Make use of the fan

You will find fans everywhere, and you will agree that they come in handy at cooling the house. Unlike ACs that work by taking out the hot air and bringing in the comfortable cold air, fans work by moving the air across the house, so you feel cooler.

To save on energy, set your thermostat at a higher setting, then put on your fan. The fan will distribute the cold air, so you are cold and comfortable without sacrificing your pocket.

While fans come in handy at cooling the house and saving you money, you should avoid leaving them running the entire day, as it will be a waste of energy. To save money, turn them on when you get home.

Create crosswinds

Another excellent way to intelligently cool the house is to create crosswinds. The easiest way to do it is to open a window slightly. The less you open the window, the more the draft you create; hence the easier time you have keeping the house cool.

The beauty of it is that you can create cross-breezes in a single room or even a one-story house. Open the bottom sash in one window and the top one in another window in a single room.

If you live in a two-story house, open one window on the first floor and another window upstairs on the opposite side of the house.

Each house is different, so you should experiment and see which windows work the best and how much you should open them.

Keep the AC in top shape.

Finally, you should keep your AC in top condition. As a rule of thumb, hire air conditioner repair services Oakton providers at least once a year to inspect the AC and tune it up.

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