Should I Get My AC Serviced Every Year?

If you have had your air conditioner for some time and you have been religiously hiring an AC repair services provider, you must be asking, should I get my AC serviced every year?

Well, the answer to this question is, no, the tune-up isn’t an absolute necessity. Even if you skip tuning up your AC for a year, it won’t spew fire or break down immediately, leaving you with a hot and uncomfortable house. Chances are, it will continue functioning just fine.

While you don’t have to service your AC every year, the question is whether your AC functioning just fine is good enough for you.

Is it worth risking your energy efficiency, warranty, and comfort by failing to service your AC annually? Absolutely not!

To be honest, servicing your air conditioner every year comes with plenty of perks that include:

It gives you peace of mind.

Can you imagine a life where you are always worried that the AC will break down in the middle of a hot summer day? It’s not a beautiful life, is it?

So, by keeping your AC in top shape, you have peace of mind as you don’t worry that the unit will start making weird noises or stop abruptly in the middle of a hot day.

You save money

You must be wondering how you will save money on AC when you are spending money hiring a repair professional, right? Well, when you service your unit, it doesn’t break down often, so you don’t have to hire an expensive emergency AC repair professional to fix it now and then.

While there is no guarantee that when you service your unit regularly, it won’t break down, you significantly reduce the chances of that happening as the AC contractors detect even the smallest problems and fix them before they get worse and bring your AC to a halt.

You also save money as a properly maintained AC functions more efficiently, which sees you spending less on your monthly energy bill.

You retain your warranty.

Most air conditioning companies show confidence in their products with warranties.

While these warranties exist, one caveat, though, is that you have to keep your AC in top shape. This calls for you to have your AC regularly inspected and tuned up by a registered HVAC professional.

This means that if you fail to service your AC, then your unit breaks down, you void your warranty, and this can see you spending astronomical amounts of money on AC repairs as you have to hire the repair professional from the pocket.

Your appliance lasts longer.

When you take good care of your AC, it tends to last for long. The same thing applies if you don’t regularly service your AC– it has a short lifespan.

A great way to understand how this works is to imagine your car. Can you imagine never changing the oil, never buying new tires, or never taking the car to the mechanic when it breaks down? It doesn’t last as long, does it?

The same principle applies to your air conditioner. If you don’t service it regularly, it’s a matter of time before all the parts fail and the AC is no longer working.

Parting shot

As you can see, there are plenty of perks that come with servicing your air conditioner regularly. To get the most from the service, work with experienced and certified air conditioning repair services Oakton.

You should always do the servicing in Spring as at this time you have easy access to the contractors, and you save money as the contractors charge less as they aren’t too busy.

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