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They really are 24 hours!  I woke up in the middle of the night to hear a weird clanking noise coming from within the house.  It looked like my air conditioner, and when I turned it off the noise still continued, and it was blowing air out of only 2 rooms and not the other vents.  I found their number online, and I was surprised when someone actually answered the phone!  I said I didn’t think I would be able to sleep because it was not turning off and the noise was very loud.  Mike, the technician, actually came out to my house in only an hour!!  I was shocked, as I thought it would be a huge hassle to get this fixed quickly.  He managed to turn it off and stop the noise, and he said he would come again the very next day and bring the part that needed changing.  Mike even offered to me that I should use a coupon on their site, for $25 off repairs, which I wouldn’t have known on my own and would have paid the full price! Awesome company-definitely recommend.

~Niraj – Arlington, VA


Caring. Skilled. Trustworthy- my three words to describe ABC 24 Hours.

~Denise – Falls Church, VA


Going over the books for my small business, I was looking for ways to save money, and I thought that something necessary but simple was costing a lot-HVAC.  I decided it didn’t hurt to get an opinion on if there was a way to save, or change things so that it wasn’t costing me as much.  I saw that ABC 24 Hours gave free cost estimates, so I called them and a technician was dispatched to my store the very next business day.  Mike immediately said he could recommend me some different units that I could get installed, and he sat down with me to go over the numbers on how much I would end up saving in a year if I used the new systems instead of the old, noisy, clunky one I’d been using for far too long! I got all of that from a free cost estimate, which I don’t think most places would provide.  Now, I love my new units because they are so modern, don’t make much noise, and of course work way better, and it’s like an added bonus that I’m also saving money at the same time!

~Benjamin Davis – Dulles, VA