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I recently used a coupon that I saw on ABC 24 Hours’ website for $65 off an all-season’s system check-up for my office’s HVAC unit.  I was nervous about what they would find or if they would tell me I had to change everything, but I wanted to be sure that it was all working properly since a hot summer was coming.  Turns out they just needed to update one part on the air conditioning unit, which was pretty inexpensive.  They showed me the part and described exactly why it needed to be replaced.  They seem to really go the extra mile when it comes to customer service, and made me feel at ease.  I was able to ask questions, and I plan to schedule a routine maintenance check up every season with ABC 24 Hours!  I’m glad to not worry about finding a reliable company every time I need something!

~Elsie – Tyson’s


I own a dental practice in northern VA, and last year I bought a new building that we completely re-furbished.  We used ABC 24 Hours for our HVAC needs, and we had them install a rooftop commercial air conditioning unit.  I would highly recommend them to any business or company that is in the process of modernizing, fixing their HVACS units, or considering switching to a rooftop unit.  ABC 24 Hours came out to our property the next day that we called, and explained to us very clearly exactly what we would need and since then everything has been working very well and we’ve had no complaints!

~Dr. Safaria-Vienna, VA


I can finally sleep again!! I was having dry air issues and feeling like I had a super scratchy nose when I would wake up every morning.  A friend told me they had gotten a humidifier installed and it helped them so much! I bought a little one from a store, but it didn’t last very long or seem to work properly.  I looked on Google for more information or for someone who could install one permanently for me.  I came across ABC 24 Hours and found that they do humidifiers.  I wasn’t sure if they did small time ones for a single person like me, but they were very friendly over the phone and said they would send someone out right away to see my space and give me a price quote.  They actually brought a humidifier with them, based on what I said over the phone about the size of my place, and after giving me the price quote, I just told them to go ahead and install at the same time.  I was so impressed because I’ve had other repairs done and things installed, and I’ve always had to schedule so many appointments and wait so long for the job to be done.  With ABC 24 Hours, it was all done so quickly.  Hopefully it never breaks, but I know they will fix it for me promptly if it does!

~Jennifer – Alexandria, VA