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I found ABC 24 Hours online, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service I received from the technician, Mike. He came over on a Saturday as I was having issues with the air conditioner and diagnosed the problem right away, and informing me as he went along of what was going on. He was so knowledgeable, and happy to explain things to me, so that I actually learned a few things about my heating and cooling systems. He was extremely polite, friendly, and professional, exactly as I would hope a technician would be. He also told me about making sure to do maintenance checks regularly so that I wouldn’t have to pay more to replace broken parts or the whole unit. My air conditioner has been working perfectly since he came, and I would highly recommend ABC 24 Hours to all my friends and contacts! Customer service is what makes the biggest difference in any industry and why I will trust ABC with all my heating and cooling concerns from now on.

~Willson- Mclean, VA


I’ve used ABC 24 Hours twice now, and both times were great.  I trust them to give honest assessments, which they do for free, including a cost estimate!  They don’t fix things that aren’t broken, so I know they are legitimate.  One of the times I needed my furnace repaired because it was making a funny noise, and they were able to diagnose the problem right away and suggested two ways I could get it fixed.  The second time I used them, it was to actually switch furnaces because I was planning on selling my house, and they had told me the first time that I should or could get a new furnace very soon, or else I might keep having to get different parts repaired, as it was ageing.  I figured the house would sell better with a new one, and they were so great at detailing all the options or types of furnaces I could get.  I didn’t feel rushed or pushed to buy a certain kind or brand, and I really appreciated that.  I felt taken care of both times, and that’s obviously their company standard!

~Zach- Tyson’s, VA


Mike is the best!  Having a broken AC in this humidity makes anyone cranky, but Mike was so prompt, easy going, and friendly that we forgot about being cranky and were just excited to get the issue fixed.  Luckily he was able to figure out the problem right away and fix it on the spot that very day!  Whenever we do need a new unit or any new parts I plan to call ABC 24 hours!  I’m sitting in my nice and cool, air conditioned living room as I write this! Aah…

~Sarah and Sean – Woodbridge, VA