Types of Air Conditioning System

Are you thinking about installing an air conditioner in your home or office? One thing you should know before you head to the HVAC companies is that there are plenty of air conditioning systems you can go with. Wondering what are the most common types of air conditioning systems you can buy? Here are some of the popular ones:

Central air conditioner

Are you looking to cool a large home or multiple rooms at once? This is the unit to go for. Also known as a ducted system, this AC uses a split system to regulate the air coming through the ducts.

As you can guess, the split system is a combination of two main units: an outdoor unit that packs the condenser and compressor and an indoor unit that comprises an air handler and evaporator coil.

Like other air conditioners, this unit uses refrigerant to remove heat from the indoor air. The heat then goes outdoors and the cool air is pushed through the ducts.

Several perks come with having a central air conditioning system. One of the perks is that the AC cools all the rooms connected to the ducts at once which comes in handy at creating a cooler and regulated environment around the house.

Another perk is that since the cool air circulates in all the rooms, humidity levels reduce evenly around the house hence ensuring that the entire house remains cool.

While the system has its perks, it comes with its downsides. One downside is that it consumes a lot of energy which sees you having high energy bills at the end of every month.

Since the system is duct dependent, in the event the system isn’t working, the unit loses efficiency and effectiveness.

Depending on the nature of your house, you might find the outdoor unit off-putting since it doesn’t have the best shape.

Window air conditioner

Unlike a central air conditioner, a portable AC is ideal for cooling a single room or a small area.

The system features a single unit containing all its components inside and it works by ejecting heat out of its outdoor side and blows cool air into the inside of the house.

From its name, you install the window air conditioning system in a window or by making a hole through a wall.

Like the central air conditioner, it also comes with several benefits that include:

  • Easy to install
  • It’s less costly and easier to maintain
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of your floor space

While this is the case, the AC can be noisy when working. It can also obscure your view from a window and just because it’s a window air conditioner you can’t install it on any window. For example, you can’t install it in a casement or an irregularly shaped window.

Portable air conditioner

They are similar to window air conditioners, as you place them as a single unit with all the components in one unit but they are different in that they are free-standing so you can easily move them from one room to another. As long as you have a power outlet to power it up, you can use it in any room.

Some of the benefits that come with using this AC include:

  • You can easily move it around the house
  • It’s quick and simple to set up
  • It doesn’t require permanent installation
  • Easy to store when necessary
  • Highly effective at spot cooling

Like the window air conditioner, this AC can be noisy during operation so robbing your peace of mind if you have installed it close to your study or bedroom.

Since it’s small, you can’t use it to cool larger rooms.

Sometimes AC repair services Oakton providers install the air conditioner with a hose placed near a window and this can obstruct the lower part of the window.

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