What Is Done In AC Servicing?

If you are new to air conditioners, you must have heard that you need to hire air conditioner repair services providers at least once a year to service the AC. Wondering what is done in AC servicing? Plenty of things happen, with the most common ones being:

Air conditioner cleaning and checkup

This is the first thing that AC technicians do when you hire them. They will carefully go around the AC and identify any flaws, such as leakages from tubes or pipes inside the unit. They will also inspect the indoor and outdoor units and confirm whether anything can be done.

The technicians will also drain the AC, remove dirt and debris from them and clean the indoor and outdoor units to enhance their performance.

Cleaning the AC evaporate and condenser fan

The technicians will clean mold and dust from the air conditioner condenser and evaporator fan. To do this, the service providers will access the different locations of the fans depending on the AC type and clean them. They will also inspect the fan for dirt and other flaws and fix them if present.

Fin and air filter cleaning

The air filter’s role is to filter the air getting into the AC and ensure the air getting into the AC and in the house is free of dust and debris. As you can guess, as the AC is working, it’s bound to collect a lot of dust and debris that can clog it and prevent it from filtering the air as well as it should.

A clogged air filter not only fails to effectively filter the air getting into the AC, but it also leads to the AC overworking and your energy bill shooting to the moon at the end of every month.

When you hire the AC technicians to service your AC, they will inspect the filters and, if dirty, clean them. The contractors will also replace the filters if too dirty or damaged.

The technicians will also clean and wash the fins if they have built up any dust or mold.

Coolant level inspection

Most air conditioners have a coolant that ensures the proper working of the AC. When you hire the service technicians, they will inspect the coolant levels and, if low, refill it. The coolant is vital for the working of the AC, and if the levels fall below their normal level, the AC stops working.

Sometimes the coolant will fall below the normal levels due to leaking, so the contractors will inspect the source of the leak and fix it.

Ac condenser coil and evaporate cleaning.

Besides the air filters, dust and dirt tend to adhere to the evaporate and condenser coil surfaces, making the air conditioner overheat and overwork. When you hire the repair technicians to repair the AC, they will clean the evaporate coil and condenser. They will also clean the other AC components to keep the AC functioning efficiently.

Overall inspection

The AC contractors will undertake an overall inspection after doing all the other services. Here, the technicians will inspect the compressor, fan motor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, thermostat, and other air conditioner parts.

The AC repair services Oakton provider will carefully go through each part of the AC and ensure that it’s functioning optimally. If something isn’t functioning well, the contractor will fix it to keep the AC in top condition.

Who should you hire to service your AC?

For peace of mind that the contractor is doing a good job, you should hire an experienced one. The technician should also be certified and insured, so you don’t carry the liability if an accident occurs on the site.

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