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What Is The Most Efficient Way To Run A Heat Pump?

If using the heat pump to warm your house, you want to make the most of it just like the furnace, right? What is the most efficient way to run a heat pump? Are you asking this? Well, there are plenty of ways to do it as given by heat pump repair professionals with the common ones being:

Don’t make huge thermostat jumps

When you are looking to make adjustments in your thermostat settings, don’t make huge jumps either upwards or downwards. The reason for this is because the adjustments can activate the backup heater, which is inefficient and will lead to high energy consumption.

Unlike furnaces that blast hot air for a few minutes then turn off, heat pumps run much longer so when you make enormous changes to the thermostat, you force the heat pump to work even longer and inefficiently.

Don’t set the heat pump to “Auto” mode

Since they don’t want the hassle of constantly switching the heat pump into heating and cooling, most homeowners choose the auto mode where the heat pump switches itself to its respective settings. As much as this is highly convenient, it’s not the right way to go about it.

The reason for this is because the heat pump automatically switches between heating and cooling based on the indoor temperatures, so you find your heat pump cooling on a sunny winter afternoon or heat on a cool summer night. As you can guess, this makes the heating unit highly inefficient.

For your appliance to run efficiently and avoid confusion, find a comfortable temperature setting in either the “heat” or “cool” mode and set and forget about it. The only time you should make the changes is when you feel the temperatures changing.

Clean the filters regularly

Like furnaces, heat pumps work best when their filters are clean so to keep your heat pump functioning efficiently, keep the filters clean. The beauty is you don’t have to hire a professional to help with the cleaning—you can do it yourself.

How frequently you clean the filters depends on your area. Do you live in a dusty area? You should clean the filters more frequently than if you lived in an area that doesn’t have any dust. Pets and the number of people living in the house will also influence the frequency at which you do the cleaning.

If you aren’t sure about the right time to do the cleaning, get the input of a professional.

Don’t leave the heat pump running the entire day

Regardless of how cold it is, don’t leave the heat pump running the entire day. Instead, make use of the timer and run the heat pump when necessary. Using the timer, set the heat pump to turn on in the morning so you prepare your breakfast in a toasty and warm kitchen.

You should then set it to come on before you get home in the evening so you come to a cozy house that you enjoy spending time in.

Besides running the heat pump when you are home and need a warm house saving you money, it also ensures that the heat pump has a long life.

Tune-up the heating unit

It goes without saying that there is no way your heat pump will function efficiently if it’s not in top shape. To save money and give your appliance a long life, you should hire a heat pump repair services Chantilly provider at least once a year to inspect your unit and fix it if having issues.

As a rule of thumb, ensure that the contractor you hire is fully conversant with heat pumps. You don’t want someone botching up your expensive heating unit, do you?

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