Why Is My AC Not Working?

Imagine this. It’s the middle of a hot summer day, and you have been working under the sun for hours. At the end of the shift, you rush home to relax, but the air is hot and stuffy when you get there. You crank up the AC, but things don’t lookup.

Why is my AC not working? You wonder. According to air conditioning repair services providers, the AC will fail to work due to plenty of reasons that include:

Your thermostat is out of batteries.

Sometimes the problem might be as simple as dead batteries, and all you need to do is replace them and enjoy the cold air you have been yearning for. Before you do anything, check whether the thermostat is displaying anything. If it’s not, replace the batteries.

The batteries will go out on you if you don’t regularly tune up your appliance, so to avoid being caught unaware in the future, make it a habit to inspect the air conditioner and the associated parts at least once every year. You can do the inspections by yourself or hire a professional to help out.

You have tripped the circuit breaker.

If the circuit breaker has tripped, there will be no power going to the air conditioner, so there is no way the AC will produce the cool air you are looking for.

Check whether the breaker has tripped, and if this is the case, reset it and try running the AC.

Keep in mind that circuit breakers trip due to circuit overload, so to prevent future occurrences of similar problems, don’t overload the circuit. You also should find the unit causing the overload and switch it off.

If you fix the circuit and it trips again, and you can’t find the reason for it, get in touch with an HVAC technician and ask them to diagnose the problem.

The fuse has blown

A blown thermostat fuse is like a faulty car battery—you have to fix it for the unit to continue functioning optimally. Unless you have the necessary skills, replacing the fuse isn’t something you can do out of nowhere. The best way to go about it is to hire an AC contractor to fix it for you.

The HVAC components are damaged.

The HVAC components will break due to plenty of reasons. The landscaper might have hit the outdoor unit or even accidentally busted the refrigerant line. The contractor might also have pulled a wire by mistake.

The problem might also be because of your kids breaking the parts as they are playing outside.

It’s hard to tell the specific areas of the HVAC that are damaged, so contact the AC repair experts to help with the troubleshooting.

The indoor and outdoor disconnect switches are off

The indoor disconnect switch will go off when you accidentally turn it off. For example, if it’s located in the attic or garage, you might have accidentally bumped it and switched it off. To restore the AC to working condition, confirm that the switch is set to “on,” and if it’s not, turn it on.

The same thing applies to the outdoor disconnect switch. Check whether the switch is on and turn it on if it’s not.

The cool thing is it’s easy to check and reset the switches without the help of an AC repair services Chantilly provider.

If you do the inspections and find that all the switches are on, but the AC isn’t working, you might be having a more serious underlying problem. Don’t try to fix the AC by yourself as you might cause a more serious problem. Instead, let an experienced professional look into it.

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