When Should I Service My Heating System?

Homeowners know that they should service their heating systems. While this is the case, most of them don’t know the right time to do it, so you will hear them asking, when should I service my heating system? Well, there are plenty of signs you can look out for to tell that your system is ready for service.

These signs as given by furnace repair services include:

Cold spots throughout the house

When the heating appliance is in top working condition, all the parts of the house should be warm, so if you have some cold and other warm areas, you definitely have a problem that you should look into.

When you have cold areas in the house, your unit is struggling to distribute heat throughout the house. The service technician will inspect the unit and find the underlying cause of the problem.

The professional will also look at the ductwork and find out whether it’s contributing to the uneven heating.

Uncommon odors

Are there stale, musty odors coming from your appliance? This is a sign of biological growth in your furnace, and it comes about due to the presence of excess humidity in the house or the presence of moisture in the system.

The heating system technician will inspect the system, find out where the moisture is coming from, and fix it.

Frequent thermostat adjustments

Do you turn up or down your thermostat several times a day to maintain a comfortable house? Your appliance is functioning inefficiently, and you are spending more money heating your house than you should.

One of the reasons you have to adjust the temperature more often than usual is that you haven’t tuned up the appliance recently. The service technician you hire will inspect the unit and tune it up if necessary.

The contractor will also look at the thermostat and confirm that it’s not the problem.

Clanking, banging, and screeching sounds

While it’s normal for furnaces to make some noise as they are running, the noises shouldn’t be too loud that they distract you from doing your normal chores.

Any loud clanking, banging, and screeching sounds are a sign that you have neglected your appliance, and it’s time to give it some TLC.

The professional technician you hire will inspect the motor bearing and find out whether it has slipped out of place or is worn out.

Most people ignore the noises, especially if they are minor, but this shouldn’t be you. Regardless of the nature of the noise, you should address it immediately.

Abnormal pilot light colors

Are you having a gas-powered heating system? You should look carefully at the pilot light. A properly functioning heating system should have a blue flame. If the pilot light is red, orange, yellow, purple, or any other color, it means that your system isn’t functioning properly, and you should give it some attention.

Different light colors have different meanings. Some might indicate the presence of rust, others the presence of harmful compounds, and so on. When you don’t remove these materials soon enough, they reduce the operating efficiency of the heating system and release harmful pollutants into the air.

The technician will inspect the insides of the heating system, clean it and get rid of all the materials that might be contributing to the inefficiency.

Parting shot

If your appliance is making weird noises, heating some rooms and not others, that is a clear sign that your appliance is ripe for servicing. For the best outcome, ensure that the unit is serviced by experienced HVAC companies that know what they are doing.

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